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Apartments sold in Hungary from 2008

By bencel
January 18th at 10:18pm

The following statistics shows the number of apartments sold in Hungary from 2008. The x-axis shows the respective years. The y-axis has the number of units in thousands.

The effect of the 2008 crisis can be seen on this graph as well. Both the number of the new and old units sold has fallen. There has been 114 thousands of apartments sold in 2014, this is 28% more than the in 2013. It should also be noted that both the new and old apartments has experienced a 4% increase in price. On the other hand the sold new units only take up 2-3% of the whole market. As such there has been 3300 new units sold in 2014. There has been 3411 new apartments built in 2014, which is 8% more than in the previous year. All in all the upward trend of the real estate market is clear. Data for the 2015 year is coming soon, I will update it as soon as possible.
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