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Usage policy:


  • user: anybody who goes through the registration procedures and as a result appears in the database
  • website: a web application that can be access under the domain name
  • service provider: an entity that provides the website as a service
  • webmaster: a person who has unlimited access to the website resources

Policy regarding general usage:

  • Anybody who wants to sell, buy or rent Hungarian real estate can use the website
  • The user who has uploaded an advertisement must be able to prove the originality of the property.
  • The images that has been uploaded to the property must only depict the property itself and nothing else
  • One property cannot be uploaded in multiple categories ingatlant

Policy regarding the messaging system:

  • In general the messaging system is supposed to be used for exchanging information related to the properties
  • As such, the messages sent through the system cannot contain the followings: 3rd party advertisement, racist content, political identity or thoughts, hyperlinks that points out of the website, encouraging illegal activities, any content that is against the Hungarian laws.
  • A user who sends the upper content will be immediately deleted and the might purse further acts.

Policy regarding the uploaded content:

  • The service provider holds all the rights regarding the distribution of the website and it"s content.
  • Taking and presenting any of the content of the website is only allowed by clearly stating it"s source.

Data handling policy:

  • The user and the service provider treats the gained information as a business secret and do not hand it to 3rd party. However if due to law either party is required to hand over the information to the authorities they must do so.

Other policies:

  • The webmaster holds the right to change the content or the structure of the website without prior notice. Moreover he is responsible for the accessibility of the website, however he does not guarantee it.
A user who does not fulfill the upper policy might be deleted without prior notice and the might take further actions.