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Wine tasting in Hungary - the best places to drink wine in Budapest

By bencel
October 1st at 3:04pm

Hungary has been famous for its red and white wine and it's wine-growing region's since ancient times. Wine-tasting is also a tradition that has roots in the very distant past. If you are about to try out the best white or red wines you can have various choices here. In case you have a bit longer time than the average tourist it's recommended to go to the countryside and check out the wine-growing region is there.
Hungarian people has been growing grapes and producing wine since they have arrived to this area. As such technology to produce wine is very developed and the people who work in producing wine are not only familiar with the process but they use techniques that they have inherited from their parents and grandparents. In addition the country due to it's continental weather and fairly hot summer with many hours of sunlight is a perfect area to grow grapes and the resulting wine can be very sweet for very dry according to the process it has been made. The well-known, famous Tokai wine is also produced here.

Typical wine tasting like and what's included in the general package

Tasting wine does not necessarily mean drinking only wine. Usually it includes side dishes and you can also listen to explanation from the experts while tasting. The high cost places have English speaking waiters and they are ready to explain you the finest details. A regular course including tasting white wine, red wine and sweet wine and some side dishes close about €10 and you can get to know the most popular Hungarian grape types. The most expensive one including five types of wine costs about €40 including side dishes and explanations if needed.

Wine growing regions and ordering wine

The most famous wine growing regions in Hungary are the flowing: Tokaj, Villány & Szekszárd, Eger. You can travel to these places by using public transportation such a strain and reach the destination within a couple of hours. I highly recommend taking these trips for those who are looking for relaxation and a bit different experience. In addition going to these places usually means that the prices get lower compared to the ones in Budapest and you can meet local countryside people and listen to their fascinating stories. Ordering wine is a fairly simple process just send us an email ( ) and with the wine that you would like to have and we will send you the details and as soon as the payment is received we send you the wine by UPS.

Tasting Palinka - experienced level

Palinka is considered one of the strongest drink in Hungary as such I only recommend tasting this aperitif who have some experience in drinking. You can find by various tastes, because it's usually made of fruit such as peach, pear, apple or walnuts. Tasting houses are on wide areas and they usually except groups and private visitors as well. If it's requested they can give you some insight about the production process and tell you some details about the ingredients used to make this drink. In addition they are able to organize dinners or events including traditional Hungarian dishes and desserts.

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