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Why are Hungarian girls are so beautiful? What are the specialities of central Europe ladies?

By bencel
October 1st at 2:53pm

“ Anywhere I go, I can only see beautiful girls in Hungary, but only here…” - said my friend once. But why many of the locals think like that? Is there any speciality that other countries do not have? I try to find out the answers for these questions. We can see a trend that Hungarian woman are getting popular abroad. You can even find US citizens looking for such wives on online sites. These site are designated for people who are looking for long term relation ship or even marriage, the registration is usually a matter of seconds and some fee. On the other hand unfortunately you can find some very negative stereotypes on these sites and you should always be aware and filter the information you get.
Let’s see the first reason. The country due to it's location in Middle Europe has always been a transit zone, where other tribes in the distant past has move through. Starting with the Tatars and the Romans it has always been a conflict zone. There has also been a 150 years Turkish rule and many Turkish people have even stayed here for ever. Afterwards the Russian army spent at least 50 years in the country. All this resulted in a mixed blood nation, having possibly the best DNA from all around the world. This is the reason why one can find blond, black brown and red hair people with eyes that has colors all over the visible spectrum. The height of the locals also vary from almost dwarf sized people to basketball players.

International reputation, long-term relationship

It is widely known in Europe, that Hungarian girls are really beautiful. But this is only one feature. There are studies showing that why marrying a lady from Hungary is better then for example one from the US. They found out that the divorce rate not only in Hungary but in middle Europe is much lower then the word average. It is said that the reason is because the man and the women have specific roles after they get married. As such the women can be woman and the man can be man, according to the will. As soon as a women gets married, the most important thing in her life becomes the family and she is open the have kids and takes care of the husband. American journals say that the wives in the US pay attention to the business partners the same amount as to their family.

The Hungarian wife is not lost in the kitchen and honest

"It is important that I can cook, I don’t have bad reputation in the family, I pay attention to the hygiene in the house” - says Agnes. This is because Hungarian wives are really afraid of being said that they are lazy and cannot cook. It is also known that the sanity of marriage is quite strict. As a result of the fact that they usually choose their husband based on personal valuation and not materialistic decisions.

What about fashion and clothing?

In general girls in Hungary from their childhood do not try to hide their body, often wear fashionable clothes, and high-heel shoes. On the other hand they don’t get offended if they have to wear simple clothes which are not the latest models, since they are aware the fact that the life is not always easy. In case you want to see girls in beautiful clothes, don’t forget to check out some of the national holidays, such as Easter or National Day on the 20th of August. The dresses on these days especially at the countryside, or in Transylvania are usually red and white colored with a lots of flowers on it.

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