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The desserts of Hungary, what are the cakes and pastries you have to try

By bencel
October 1st at 2:59pm

The Hungarian cuisine has a long tradition originating from the ancient ages. When I meet tourists, I am usually asked what are the sweet dishes that they should try. I am quiet lost in such situations, since I know the names in Hungarian, but really have no idea how to describe them and who should I recommend to. For this reason I try to collect the three main dishes and give you some insight of what they are made of and how they taste. If you come to Budapest it is likely that you bump into these cake and pastries in the restaurants or markets. If you would like to experience something other than a regular chocolate I definitely recommend to order and try a little bit of everything.
Generally Hungarian people love sweat pastries, a regular meal always ends with a cake and a coffee. The cake varies every time, and also depending on the region you eat at. I might also admit that grandmothers are really the best in making these cakes and cookies. So I guess everybody prefers his or her grandmum’s food. On the other hand you won’t get disappointed if you try the cuisine in central Budapest, since the restaurants here offer high quality food and service. There are at least 20 to 30 different type of pastries so the following list is far from complete. I try to describe the ones I like the best and are probably the most popular.

Kürtőskalács - ( Could be translated to chimney cake, however it sounds very silly )

The shape on the pastry resembles a chimney, hence the name. It is made from is made of a relatively hard and dry yeast-dough. Then this strip is spun and then wrapped around a truncated cone–shaped baking spit, and rolled in granulated sugar. It is baked above charcoal cinders while lubricated with melted butter, until its surface gets a golden-brown color. While baked the sugar stuck on kürtőskalács becomes caramel and forms shiny, crispy crust on the cake. The surface of cake can then be covered by additional toppings such as ground walnut or cinnamon powder. Kürtőskalács cannot really be found in regular restaurants, instead you should check out some markets ( especially winter markets ) and buy it there. A normal sized roll costs not more than 4 Euros.

Dobos torta - ( Drum cake - another fuzzy translation )

This cake is one of the most famous Hungarian cakes. Can be fund in most of the bakeries and enjoyed by the locals for hundreds of ages. Basically it is a cake made of alternating sponge cake and chocolate layers with a thick caramel layer on the top. It was invented by and named after Hungarian (probably he was Austrian) pastry chef Jozsef C. Dobos in 1884.

Somlói galuska - ( Trifle from Somlo )

The shape of this dish does not resemble a proper cake, more like a regular meal. The amount that you order in a restaurant can also bit to much. It is made of three different-flavored sponge cakes, pastry cream, raisins, walnuts, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. In addition to make the taste a bit more exotic some households add rum. It can be omitted by the way.

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