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Exchange student in Hungary guidance introducing three main universities

By bencel
May 1st at 3:24am

The number of the exchange students arriving to Hungary is increasing year-by-year. This is mainly because of the high level world-wide famous education level. There are 14 Nobel prize awarded famous scientists who graduated from Hungarian universities. And we can also say that the costs of living (renting an accommodation, buying your own food and clothes) in Hungary is comparatively low.
Let's see the benefits of coming to Hungary as an exchange student. Firstly one can easily find fully English-speaking courses at various universities. Naturally Europeans coming here do not have to apply for visa and no special administration is required. Staying in Hungary, as I had written earlier, doesn't require huge amount of money. Renting a room for example costs maximum €2-300 a month including utilities. If you need more comfort you can rent an apartment in the outskirts of Budapest for the same amount of money and if you want to move into the city center you can easily find a place for around €500 plus utilities. If you have such plans you can consider many options depending on where your university is and what your requirements are.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The University of Technology and Economics is located on the Pest side of the city just on the bank of the river having a beautiful panorama from most of its building to the Danube and Pest. You can find here courses such as management and engineering. Probably the most famous faculties are electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. You can take most of the subjects in English and most of the professors speak fluent English so you don't really have to worry about language barriers. The general engineering course takes about 3 1/2 year to get the bachelor degree and another to approximately two years for the Ms.C. If you are about to take a PhD course the University of Technology and the Economics have wide connections so you can collaborate with professors from America to Asia.

Corvinus University of Budapest

This university is located on the Pest side of the city just across the University of Technology and Economics. This university has also world-wide reputation and provides very high level education and also English teaching materials. You can study here international trade, management and various other fields of economics. I would say that the equipment of this university might be slightly better than the previous one however the tuition fee can also be a little bit more expensive. Similarly to the University of Technology and Economics, if you decide to take a PhD course here, world-wide connections are numerous so you can do international research in collaboration with foreign universities.

Franz Liszt Academy of Music

This university has been named after the famous musician Franz Liszt and has been built in 1872. This university has majors such as violin, piano and flute but of course you can also become a composer if you graduate from this academia. The main building itself located on one of the most famous square in Budapest and has fairly good and convenient transportation. If you are not on a budget you can rent an apartment nearby for a couple of hundreds of euros and you can walk every day to the school without taking any public transportation. If you got interested in any of the exchange program such as Erasmus Mundus and other scholarship organization I can help you to give some details please just send me a mail or a text using my contact information on the contact us page.

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