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Budapest best restaurants - a few words for foodies

By bencel
October 1st at 2:54pm

If you are planning to come to Budapest and you like to eat out and try the local, traditional food then this city will not leave you any dissatisfaction. Such as any other European cities you can find huge variety of local food and international kitchen as well. A general tip is that if you don't know where to eat just head a square that looks busy and you will find a bunch of restaurants there. If there is some kind of food that this city lacks of, might be seafood, however you can find some fish or crabs at the most expensive restaurants. On the other hand vegetarians don't have to worry, as there are many restaurants designated for them.
Perhaps the most unique experience is to dine on one of the boats on the river Danube. This might be a little bit expensive for budget travelers but the experience that you can enjoy the view to the Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge is unforgettable. If you are looking for a more local experience then just go and check out the following squares: Liszt Ferenc tér, Gozsdu udvar. You can find many indoor and outdoor cafés, restaurants on these squares, where you can enjoy a perfect atmosphere for lunch, cocktail or dinner. There are lots of rooftop bars which have been opened recently to the public and these places are kind of extreme even for the locals since many of them don't know the location.

Trófea Restaurant

This restaurant is not a single one but you can find many of the same name in the city center. You can basically choose the all you can eat and drink menu and you need to help yourself and take the food from the buffet. The good thing is that you can try most of the traditional Hungarian dishes but in the case that you don't like the local food you can enjoy international in the same time. These all you can eat and drink courses including alcohol drinks , such as beer, champagne, wine costs about €20 per person.

Menza Restaurant

If you're up for some kind of local and a little bit retro style experience then check out this restaurant. It is located on the busiest square of Budapest where it's quiet difficult to find an empty table in the peak hours. You can enjoy here traditional Hungarian dishes such as beef stew, goulash soup or sour stuff cabbage. The prices are not extremely high here, almost the same as any of the city center restaurants an average meal here costs about €15.

Sir Lancelot Medival Restaurant

I recommend this restaurant for those who like to experience and eat their meals as our ancestors in the medieval times have eaten. They used to have a kind of strict regulation that you were not allowed to eat using knives and forks, so you had to dine using your hands. As I remember this regulation however has gone, but if you use your hands nobody will be surprised. The food here is kind of very heavy so vegetarians might find it difficult to choose from the menu. I highly recommend the rabbit and the deer here, most of the time they come out on wooden plate and some salad on the side. I also have to admit that this one is much more expensive than the previous ones you need to spend at least €25-€30 on a regular meal excluding drinks. If you have any question regarding restaurants in Budapest, feel free to send me a mail on .

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